Reindeer Rescue has been set up as a not for profit company with welfare at its heart that will take into its care any unwanted, neglected, injured or abandoned Reindeer form anywhere in the UK and Europe. The company is run by an experienced Reindeer owner  and breeder and his team with many years of experience handling Reindeer in the UK and in Norway.

We have connections with Reindeer owners and breeders around the world including traditional Sami herdsmen and Women who have masses of advice, information and knowledge, couple with that we have a first class medical team on call 24hrs a day. I am also a member of the veterinary deer society in the UK as well as a number of other Reindeer organisations both in the UK and abroad.

Reindeer are a herd animal that only does well in a group. Also reindeer bulls can be dangerous in the Rut (breeding season September-November) this can come as a shock to some inexperienced owners and can create some challenges and situations that the inexperienced cannot handle.  A few years back a male Reindeer was euthanised after attacking its owner during the rut, somewhat needlessly in my opinion. Had the emergency services or vets on the ground contacted us we could have talked them through the options and possibly we could have saved the animal form this tragic death. It wasn’t his fault just hormones at that particular time of the year. 

Our organisation aim is to help and prolong the lives of these wonderful animals that have found themselves in a bad or difficult situation. We are able to help individuals, government organisations, port authorities, police, Ambulance, fire brigade,  charities, and other welfare organisations such as the RSPCA who might not have the expertise, experience or facilities to deal with Reindeer and their specific and unique needs.

We have vehicles and teams that can mobilise at a moments notice to any point in the UK and with the relevant countries permission any point in Europe.

Our vehicles are licensed and insured to travel throughout Europe along with our team of handlers and come equipped with cctv, temperature monitoring and GPS tracking so the animals can be closely monitored even when on the move.

Although Reindeer are seen and used as a meat/food source in the Arctic countries in the UK they are not and all of our Reindeer stay with us as a part of the family herd to live out the rest of their lives.